ATV Quad Bike Tour


ATV Quad Bike Tour is an adventure like no other, where you get to explore the beautiful Bali countryside on a powerful quad bike. This tour takes you through breathtaking landscapes, lush green rice paddies, and traditional Balinese villages. You’ll have your own ATV to drive, so you can experience the thrill of speeding through dirt roads, splashing through mud puddles, and navigating steep hillsides and river crossings. You don’t need any prior experience with ATVs– the tour comes with expert guidance and safety instructions. You’ll also receive complimentary drinks and meal afterward, and the convenience of hotel pickup and dropoff. This tour is perfect for thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and nature lovers who want to experience an exciting and unforgettable adventure in Bali.

Tour Price

USD 55
Price for ATV Single Ride
USD 125
Price for ATV Tandem Ride
This price for ubud area
Additional Fee for pickup outside the Ubud area USD 11/PAX

Pickup Time

Includes & Excludes

What To Bring


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ATV quad biking in Ubud is a popular activity among adventure enthusiasts. It offers an unforgettable experience of exploring the lush green Balinese countryside while riding on a powerful ATV quad bike. From the rice paddies to the traditional Balinese villages and pristine jungle, the tour offers stunning panoramic views of the island's beauty. It is a great option for those wanting to take a break from the hectic urban life of Bali and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure. The tours come in different durations and levels of difficulty, catering to different ages and skills. With safety gear and experienced guides, the quad biking adventure is a must-try activity for anyone visiting Bali.


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