Elephant Expedition


Elephant Expedition is a thrilling experience that allow visitors to interact with these majestic animals and learn about their behavior. The expedition offers a unique opportunity to ride the elephants through the lush jungle for a scenic tour of the beautiful surroundings. The rides are led by experienced guides who provide valuable information about the elephants, their habitats, and their daily routine. Visitors can also participate in feeding and bathing sessions, where they can interact with the elephants up close and personal.

Elephant Expedition is perfect for family and friends who are seeking a memorable and educational experience. The zoo is committed to animal welfare and conservation efforts, making this adventure enriching and responsible. As a result, visitors leave with a newfound appreciation for these gentle giants and their role in the ecosystem. Overall, the Bali Zoo Elephant Expedition is a must-do activity for wildlife lovers visiting Bali.

Ticket Price

USD 83
Price for Child
USD 111
Price for Adult
For book minimal 2 person

Includes & Excludes

What to Bring


Elephant Expedition
Approximately take 20 minutes ride


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